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The high seas of e-commerce can be treacherous. Sure, anyone can just “sell your stuff,” but now more than ever, your brand needs sellers who can navigate the marketplace with skill and experience. At Westley Trading, we’re not just another online reseller. We use proven methods to maximize your brand’s awareness through top quality listings and keyword tested advertising, protect your brand’s integrity through MAP adherence and monitoring of listings, as well as providing a top-notch customer experience, representing your brand to customers with the same care as if it were our own. Our focus is Amazon, and our mission is service, both to the brands from which we purchase, and the customers to which we sell. Read on to learn more how making Westley Trading an authorized reseller can enhance the buyer’s online experience on Amazon, while simultaneously honoring your brick-and-mortar relationships.

Listings that illuminate your brand and products

Well presented, original content reinforces your brand’s image, and can dramatically increase sales. We use only high quality, professional product photography, and create effective titles, bullets and descriptions for your listings. In addition, we regularly monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve changes and inaccuracies that can occur on existing listings, while adhering to Amazon’s style guides and terms of service.

Research-Driven, Targeted Keyword Advertising

Well planned ad campaigns showcase your products above thousands of other listings, increasing your brand’s exposure, even if your product is newer, not as well-known, or wouldn’t otherwise rank high in organic search results. Through targeted keyword research, we analyze which search terms are best suited to your products, and tailor custom pay-per-click campaigns to maximize your products’ reach. Increased traffic and conversions from our strategic advertising campaigns will not only grow sales, but also boost your visibility on Google and Amazon.

MAP Policy Adherence and Assistance

MAP policy not only helps prevent price erosion online, but also protects your relationships with your brick-and-mortar partners, by promoting stable prices across marketplaces. Not only do we strictly adhere to all MAP policy agreements, we’re able to utilize 24/7 price monitoring software, constantly policing your product listings. We can report MAP violations, help you identify unauthorized sellers, and provide your brand guidance for effectively and legally eliminating offenders from your listings.

Brand Awareness & Social Proof

More positive reviews on your listings means increased sales. In addition, studies show that a majority of shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores, check online product listings and reviews from sites like Amazon, before making their purchase. A large number of positive reviews increases conversions and makes customers more confident in their purchase. Let us boost your products’ sales online and in-store, and at the same time bolster your relationships with your brick-and-mortar partners, by increasing social proof with our product feedback and review system. We encourage customers to rate and review your products and also respond to negative product reviews, in order to swiftly address the customer’s concerns. While we may not be able to get a negative review removed, it lets future readers know that your brand is proactive in addressing product issues.

Positive Customer Experience

Customer loyalty is earned, one positive experience at a time. We take our responsibility as a reseller of your products seriously. We follow up with our customers after their purchase to ensure complete satisfaction. If there’s a problem, we fix it… immediately. Our goal is to make every buying experience a positive one.

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Why Amazon?

Why Amazon, and not other marketplaces? We've sold elsewhere, but right now we believe that Amazon is by far the best opportunity online to increase your brand's reach. An estimated 64% of U.S. households subscribe to Amazon Prime. According to, Amazon is the 3rd most visited website in the U.S. At the same time, reported that 71% of shoppers use their smart phones to search online, before making an in-store purchase. These numbers are growing at unprecedented rates!

What does this mean for your brand? Amazon gives brands the best opportunity to showcase their products to both online buyers and brick-and-mortar customers alike. For online buyers, a majority of households have an Amazon Prime account, with credit card on file, ready for purchasing. Think of Amazon as the world’s largest search engine for products. For brick-and-mortar customers, if your Amazon listings are well-optimized, an online search of your products will place them right at or close to the top. Your Amazon presence is like a giant billboard on the world's busiest freeway. Professional quality pictures, detailed titles, bullets and descriptions, and abundant reviews on Amazon will make in-store customers more confident in their purchases.

We want to help you utilize to grow your brand, both online and in-store. But we know that unscrupulous and irresponsible sellers have left many brands feeling burned and disillusioned. We're part of a small community of Amazon sellers that choose to serve the brands we sell, not merely leech off of them until there's nothing left. Not convinced Westley Trading will help your brand? We get it! But we're so confident we can deliver on our promise, we're offering a risk-free way to prove it: ONLY sell us a one-time, 3 month supply of your most underperforming product on Amazon, and let us show you what we can do. Not your best product, but your biggest underperformer. If you aren't thrilled with the results, you never have to sell to us again. We guarantee you won't be disappointed!

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